His Death was a Great Grief to Bhutanese!!

The multiple gunshots in Baltimore on Tuesday August 23, 2011 at around 10 PM/EST killed Bik B. Gurung aged 20yrs and wounded other male-minor of aged 17, when they were on the way home from Bik’s brother’s apartment to get documents required for the job next day.

They saw two black-American males riding bicycle ahead of them in Bowleys Lane. They afraid following these two males and changed direction through the end of the building. When they arrived at the open space in between the buildings, a stranger stood in front and asked for money. (17) Put his hand in the wallet to get some money; suddenly, heard a firing that went through his stomach. He then knew that the stranger would kill both of them, ran wounded towards the apartment. ‘Simultaneously two other firings followed,’ he said. Fortunately, he happened to enter in the right apartment for assistance. The resident called emergency service right away, and reported the incident to the police.

The homicide Investigation division of Baltimore declared the diseased of Bik Bahadur Gurung at around 12:30am with the community interpreters and the family who were taken in the division. Everyone was shocked when the division pronounced death!

The Detectives, particularly involved in this case promised to find the criminal and push towards the legal action.

17, was registered in the local hospital on the same day. He is fighting for life in the Hospital.

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